About Rebecca


Hi there! Thanks for coming to check me out! I’m Rebecca, and I’m a lover of ice cream, craft beer, long drives on country roads in the fall, and photography. I’m here serving the Greater Philadelphia and Tri-State area, but I’m always happy to travel and explore new regions! I grew up in Delaware County, PA and live in South Philadelphia with my husband and part-time assistant, Steve, our dog, Lola, and our two cats, Amani and Smokey.

As a highly emotional photographer (and person), my focus is always on capturing the little things that make us who we are - the way your toddler interlaces her fingers with your partner's, how the corner of your father's mouth twitches when he's trying to surprise you, the identical laugh you share with your mother, the little lift in your dog's ears when she hears your voice from the other room.

I often work with my husband, Steve, as an assistant or second shooter. Together since 2008, we've learned to anticipate each others' needs in many parts of our lives, which makes us excellent partners on shoots like weddings and events. 

From wedding and family sessions to arts and entertainment and event photography, I'm ready to capture what matters most to you. So email me, and let's make some memories together.